How Emotions Can Affect Your Fertility & Health


You may be surprised to learn that stress-related emotions such as anger or fear can affect your physical health, including your fertility. Before becoming pregnant we strongly suggest parents take time to balance their bodies so the developing fetus has the best “material” from which to develop. The health of the child is directly related to the health of the parents.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a healthy and intelligent baby.  The first thing a TCM practitioner does is determine if a woman’s body is out of balance and where those imbalances occur.

Often, physical and energetic imbalances can result from emotional turmoil and stress. Generally speaking, infertility is related to the imbalance of two major organs: the Liver and Kidney. One of the first priorities is to help a woman rebalance her Kidney and Liver function, via strengthening not only their physical aspects but also their energetic functioning.

Emotions are energetic vibrations or frequencies created by the mind. Many women underestimate the role emotions play in fertility! In TCM, the Liver is the most important organ for women’s health. Consequently, its role in a healthy pregnancy is essential. The Liver is reactive to stress as well as anger and frustration. While struggling with infertility, some women become so nervous or anxious about getting pregnant, that their bodies refuse to cooperate. There are many stories of women giving up on having a baby and adopting one, only to find they become pregnant shortly thereafter!

Fear can also significantly impact fertility. In Chinese medicine, fear is the emotion related to the Kidney. Experiencing constant fear can lead to a Kidney energy deficiency, even “adrenal burnout,” especially if a woman continually overworks. Her fear may be about the future; the ability to provide; worry about having a healthy baby, etc. Excessive or continual fear definitely has a negative impact on Kidney function and fertility.

Simple tips to support Kidney and Liver health:

• Practice Dragon’s Way® Wu Ming Qigong to balance and strengthen these organs and regain emotional balance.

• Find healthy ways to minimize and release fear, stress and frustration! (Check out TCM-based stress relief tips for the Liver)

• Rest as much as possible and don’t overwork or overextend yourself.

• Eat foods beneficial for the Liver (sour foods, green foods, eggplant, broccoli, goji berries), and Kidney (salty foods, seafood, black foods, beans and nuts).