Seeing With Our Hearts

How often do we lead and see with our minds instead of our hearts? We may say that we need our minds to complete our daily tasks. After all, our minds are full of knowledge. But we forget that our hearts are the leaders of the kingdom. Our hearts are the central processors for our bodies—our connection to Universal, limitless life and wisdom.

In the Five Element energetic framework, the Heart’s duty is to remain peaceful so the individual can connect to limitless Tao. A peaceful Heart allows us to go with the flow and sit peacefully above turmoil or chaos. The Heart serves as the gathering place where consciousness, mind, Qi, feelings and emotions of the body must go through. The Heart is at its healthiest when it is peaceful and practicing unconditional love.

So, do you see with your Heart? Can you drop your mind and become empty so that your Heart can truly lead? Grand Master Lu shares his thoughts with us:

“Wise men and women are not attached to results. Whether the result of our actions is negative or positive, we should not be attached to it. We have to let it go and move on. The essential quality is that we strive to be empty, and to let all things—both good and bad—flow through us. Then we can treat each moment—each situation—as a new beginning. Then, we will be “seeing” with our hearts.”