• Nature Can Show Us the Way
    The Universe has unlimited resources. As children of the Universe, our inheritance is unlimited. Everything that we see, feel and experience is here for us to use–to grow and become our healthiest, happiest selves. We want the fullest experience of life. So what is the easiest way to receive all that life has to offer, […]
  • Nature Knows: Energetic Healing
    Like humans, plants have the amazing ability to recover. With patience and time, Nature heals. Can we allow time in our own lives for healing?
  • Pink Full Moon: Virtual Practice
    An ancient sign of Spring's awakening, the Pink Full Moon will be upon us on Friday at 7:12 AM. Join us in a virtual meditation.
  • Spring Release
    The extra "things" we hold onto no longer have their merits once Spring comes. These objects cannot replace the beauty and bounty of Nature.
  • Ask Grand Master Lu: What Causes Seasonal Allergies?
    Ever wonder why some people suffer from seasonal allergies while others do not? Learn the TCM perspective behind seasonal allergies.
  • Bundle Up! Winter’s Still Here
    From 60 degrees to snow? That's a clear sign that winter is still with us. Bundle up!
  • Nature Knows: Healing Wisdom
    Mend the connection between yourself and the greatest of all teachers. Nature is magnificent, as is what we can learn by immersing ourselves within it.
  • The Consciousness of Self-Healing
    After encountering a tree struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon, Grand Master Lu shares his perspective on the consciusness of self-healing.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blood Wolf Moon
    This weekend, you'll be treated to a double celestial whammy. Nicknamed "Super Blood Wolf Moon", this Supermoon is also part of a total lunar eclipse, the last we'll experience until 2021.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blue Blood Moon
    The moon is a cosmic being that brightens the night sky with its heavenly glow. But this celestial object has a huge impact on life on Earth. It greatly influences the ocean tides, causing the highest tides during full and new moons. Imagine that! An object in the sky can exert its gravitational force to […]
  • Nature Knows
    Each branch of a tree serves a purpose. Just as no one branch is unnecessary, nothing in life is unnecessary.
  • The Winter Slow Down
    Follow Nature's lead! Slow down during the Winter to conserve and accumulate energy for Spring.