We Are All Connected: Taking Time to Disconnect and Reconnect

“We are all connected.” The roots of that statement extend far beyond the walls of its traditional meaning, but depending on your perspective, connectivity takes on a multitude of meanings:

We are all connected… to our cell phones and devices. Intimate dinner conversations are often interrupted by bings that wake up an otherwise quiet room. Kids are often entertained with movies and ipad games, replacing family time and opportunities to learn social graces with an isolated connection.

We are all connected… to our schedules and responsibilities. Bills call each month. Therefore, the responsibilities continue to follow. We have schedules to keep and meetings to attend. Whether these connections are to work life or to after-school activities, the calendar fills up quickly.

We are all connected… via social media. It’s hard to get through a whole day without a tweet or like popping up on our pages. But this makes sense: we live in a society with so much negativity that connecting with each other to see happy photos is a welcome break to the news and political rants that often clog our feeds.

But connectivity in the truest sense of the word goes much deeper than the above definitions. It extends beyond our human reach.

We are all connected… to the earth. As we dig in the garden or walk along a stream, we become aware of our earthly roots. And we are reminded of the powerful presence of Nature, not only around us, but within us, as we disconnect from our material connections, and then take the time to reconnect.

Summer is the perfect season to disconnect and reconnect–to yourself, to others around you and to the earth. Take time to breathe the fresh air, listen to the chirping birds and renew your spirit with each wave on the beach. Pay attention to the moon, feel the breeze and appreciate the beauty in everything around you: from leaf to flower to sunset.

And as you reconnect, recognize that you are part of this larger picture. You are part of what makes Nature so uniquely beautiful. Without you, the whole picture would be different.


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