A Mother’s Day Gift: Self-Care Tips for Health

Your mother gave you the precious gift of life. Honor your mother’s love this week by nurturing yourself with care as she once nurtured you.

A famous Chinese medicine adage says that if a mother is healthy and peaceful, her child will be strong. So the best thing you can do for your children is to heap TLC upon yourself — as well as on your own mother!

Here are some self-care healing tips for Mother’s Day (and every day):

Tip #1: “Fast” from your computer and iPhone for an entire day: Your overloaded mind and digestive system (which helps “digest” all the information you take in) will thank you for the rest.

Tip #2: Take a long, slow walk to reconnect to the restorative energy of Nature. Walk slowly, take in nature, and remember how you experienced the trees, the flowers, and the wind as a child.

Tip #3: Do something you really love. Whether it’s dancing, roller skating, or having a picnic with wine and homemade goodies, truly enjoying life is an age-old secret for good health.