We Are All Connected: Simple Steps To Reconnect

In this web of life, we are all connected. We are tied so intricately to the bees, flowers, trees, and all other living creatures. Likewise, we are part of the cosmos and all intergalactic movements. But for most of us, our day-to-day reality does not include these experiences. Most of us don’t work the land or root ourselves to the Earth. We don’t envision ourselves as beings that are made of the same elements as stars. Instead, we move quickly—too fast at times—and lose sight of these connections.

Our society has become one step removed, using Nature as a backdrop to accomplish the things on our ‘to-do’ lists. We enjoy soccer and football games, and prepare our flower beds for winter dormancy. But think about the last time you went for a Nature walk and breathed in the crisp fall air, sat under a tree simply listening to the sounds around you or jumped into a colorful leaf pile, just for the fun of it. Can you remember?

It’s about time for us to realize that we are an important link in the circle of life. Once we see that we are as tied to Nature as the animals that call it home, we begin to view ourselves differently. We see ourselves as stewards of the land and caretakers of the people and things around us—including ourselves. And we begin to see that we are not just living on this planet, but that it truly is our home. And it is up to us to care for it and all the creatures that inhabit it.

Begin your journey of reconnecting! Find some quiet time to just “be” in Nature. You may do something as simply as breathing in the fresh air. Or for a more active approach, you may want to take photographs of water moving over rocks in a stream. For an in-depth experience, consider forest bathing, as described in our earlier post. Whatever approach you take, enjoy it.

Observe what happens as you sit in Nature, day after day. Watch as birds build their nests and a colony of ants collect food. It truly is fascinating. Then reflect on what changed in you after this experience. Did you loosen up and relax a bit? Did the tasks that before seemed daunting take on less importance? Stop thinking with your head, and learn to just “be.” Begin to see yourself as part of Nature—as part of this incredible web of life.