It has long been said, “A tree never grows one branch that is unnecessary.” From the time it is a seedling, a tree grows with the help of sunshine, rainfall, and nutrients in the soil. It uses Qi to grow up and out, and in doing so, it becomes a home for animals that nest on its branches, burrow in the soil near its roots and find shelter in its empty cavities.

Nature knows what is needed for survival. It, too, knows that Qi is precious. Nothing in Nature is extra. Everything is necessary. Nature uses just what it needs to reach its potential. Each branch of a tree serves a purpose, either to the tree itself or to the ecosystem as a whole. Just as no one branch is unnecessary, nothing in your life is unnecessary.

Everything happens to lead you to the answer–to your potential. Use your Qi wisely. Use it to grow and learn, to become a better, stronger version of yourself, and finally to reach your utmost potential. But remember to also conserve this precious resource. Rest when you are tired, feed yourself good food and even better thoughts and take time out for yourself. Nourishing yourself as Nature nourishes its creations is the best way to find your balance.


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