Tomorrow marks the official first day of winter. Depending on where you live, you might have been feeling winter’s chill for quite some time now, or the colder weather might soon be approaching. In this insightful video, Grand Master Lu explains how and why Nature conserves and accumulates energy for Spring by slowing down during the Wintertime. He explains why it’s equally important for humans to follow Nature’s flow by resting, being peaceful, and nurturing ourselves in mind-body-spirit. If we overextend ourselves now, we may “run out of gas” and feel the effects of it come Spring.

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  1. Hi
    Your blog is interesting and I look forward to reading it. Following the blog I see the slow down theme with winter’s arrival. What exactly is slowing down? In summer I’m very physically active and winter due to outside weather I feel I sit around and do nothing. I don’t get anxious but very bored. Is this part of the slowing down process?

    • Hi Yes slowing down is part of winter’s energy. So right away you’ve connected with that message. Slowing down means to turn inward, cut back on the unnecessary expenditure of energy and that includes emotions. Find time to deeply relax, meditate, listen to your favorite music, soak in warm baths all ways to nurture yourself during this time of hibernation. It’s a great time to become reacquainted with yourself!


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