A Shortcut to Good Winter Health

The body has its own requirements when it comes to balance and health. During the winter months, it’s best to restore and cultivate the body’s energy foundation. One shortcut is to reduce the exposure to cold pathogens.

Here are a two ways to support your body:

1. Don’t fight the cold. Instead of shorts and skirts, wear long pants on cold and windy days. Your entire bladder line runs behind your legs, and is an easy pathway for cold to enter. Many people experience leg and foot cramps in winter. These cramps stem from cold in the bladder. The body expends a lot of energy to fight this kind of cold, which in turn, weakens the immune system. When cold gets into the body, you may sneeze to try to push out the cold.

2. Hold the ice! American restaurants serve drinks on ice regardless of the season. Substitute the iced drinks for warming teas and be sure to cook, blanch, or saute your vegetables. Warming the digestive tract leads to better immune health!

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