Dragon’s Way

  • Olga’s Experiences With The Dragon’s Way
    Olga became a Dragon's Way Instructor to share the gift of self-healing with others. She finds joy in each of her students' success stories.
  • Céline’s Story: There Are No Accidents
    My first experience with The Dragon’s Way® was at the Deep Dive weekend in April 2014. My mom had just passed away and I was feeling emotionally raw. Deciding to embark on the journey of learning and practicing the ancient wisdom of Qigong felt like the perfect next step in my life. I would be […]
  • Bud’s Story: Dragon’s Way Healing Journey
    After searching for answers to his health problems, Bud encountered the Dragon's Way--and hasn't turned back.
  • In-Season Eating
    Eating in-season foods helps your body align itself with Nature's energies.
  • Thanksgiving In a Bowl
    The day after Thanksgiving doesn't need to be as indulgent as the day before. Turn your leftovers into a satisfying soup!
  • The Lure and Legend of Dragon’s Way Qigong
    Dragon's Way Qigong®, is a powerful wellness program that brings the body back to a state of well-being. But what is the meaning behind the dragon?
  • Summer Solstice Qigong Practice
    Join our complimentary summer solstice Qigong Practice! TONIGHT at 6:15pm. Register today!
  • Dragon’s Way Instructor Info Call Tonight!
    Join our informational call tonight! Learn how you can become a Dragon's Way Instructor.
  • Transformation and Awareness with The Dragon’s Way
    Larry Stoler, Ph.D. talks about the transformative powers of The Dragon's Way, and the ways in which he used the program to raise community awareness.
  • A Body in Balance: TCM’s Perspective on Weight Loss
    Clearly something is out of balance. More than half of all American adults are overweight or obese, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. One-third meet the criterion for obesity, based on body mass index, as defined by Federal clinical practice guidelines released in 2006 by the National Heart, Lung, […]
  • 7 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss
    Most weight-loss strategies are focused on external factors—it’s all about the weight, and the food. Counting calories, adding points, measuring food and even deny food cravings has become the norm. This limited view punishes the body.  In reality, excess weight is the body’s way of showing that it’s out of balance. Learning how to listen […]
  • Getting Better With The Dragon’s Way®: “A Piece Of Cake!”
    After years of chronic fatigue, and numerous efforts to improve her health, Ann discovered the Dragon's Way. It has changed her life in countless ways.