Dragon’s Way

  • “Digest” These Tips for a Healthy Metabolism
    Western “expert” advice about nutrition tips for weight loss is significantly different from Eastern advice. Here’s what traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommends for maintaining good digestive health and a strong metabolism function. Over time, these TCM-based eating habits can help keep off excess weight by optimizing metabolism function! Tip # 1: Eat only warm, cooked […]
  • The Importance of Healthy Digestion: It’s Not Just About Food!
    Why is it so important to take care of your digestive system?  Digestion is an amazingly profound mind-body-spirit multidimensional process. Your digestive system is responsible for processing not only all your food, but also all of your daily emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Your everyday actions, thoughts, and communications all impact your body on the emotional […]
  • “Let it Go”: Use Fall’s Energy for Balance & Health
    HAPPY FALL EQUINOX! Fall is energetically a great time to let things go to create space in our lives and balance our health – whether it’s a few extra pounds, old possessions, even emotional baggage or self-judgmental beliefs that hinder rather than help us! Just as the trees naturally let go of their leaves in the fall, getting […]
  • Stress-Banishing Tips to Reboot Your Metabolism
    Feeling stressed just thinking about your stress and if it’s affecting your health and metabolism? Not to worry: here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about stress and how shedding its effects (and those extra pesky pounds) can be as simple as following a few age-old, do-it-yourself techniques. Stress can play a major role in the […]