The Importance of Healthy Digestion: It’s Not Just About Food!

Why is it so important to take care of your digestive system?  Digestion is an amazingly profound mind-body-spirit multidimensional process. Your digestive system is responsible for processing not only all your food, but also all of your daily emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Your everyday actions, thoughts, and communications all impact your body on the emotional level, so they also impact your body on the digestive and physical level. You create energy and absorb nutrients from what you ingest and get rid of what is not useful – in other words, you metabolize not only food, but also your emotional and mental experiences!

Keeping your digestive system in harmony and balance is crucial to optimize “digesting” your daily experiences as well as your food! Here are two easy ways to do so:

Tip 1: Drink hot soup before meals. A long-standing tradition in many cultures, this simple act optimizes the Stomach’s function of “cooking” both your experiences and your food! Visit our recipe section for easy healing soups that can help you re-balance and nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Tip 2: Bring sweetness into your life! The taste of sweet is particularly harmonizing – for both your life and your Stomach. Don’t deny yourself loving compliments, fun evenings out, even a little chocolate-y pleasure every now and then. Or, to quote Ernestine Ulmer, a 19th century writer: “Life is uncertain – eat dessert first.”