Is Sugar Really the Enemy?

When it comes down to it, your cravings for sugar are actually based in necessity. Without sugar, we would literally be unable to produce energy and ATP for our continued function and survival. It’s a small wonder that we’ve evolved to love the taste of sweetness. It supplies a relaxation response during stressful periods and provides a quick boost of energy when we need that second wind.

But how much sugar do our bodies really need? Americans have been turning to super-sized sodas and endless walls of candy and cookies, which clearly aren’t the best things for our bodies. We all know that natural sugars, like fresh fruits, are healthier than ice cream or a candy bar. Given the drastic increase in obesity and metabolic syndrome in the past few decades, mainstream America is finally wising up. Many people are realizing that too much of a good thing can harm your health. However, many consumers are going to the other extreme, omitting sugar entirely from their diet.

Despite the research evidence, is this shift from one extreme to the other really healthy? According to eastern nutrition, the taste of sweet is actually beneficial for your digestive organs. When out of balance and low in energy, your Stomach and Spleen (just like you) crave sugar to stimulate and boost their functioning.

What many people don’t realize is that when you cut sweetness out of your diet entirely, your digestive organs can become even more out of balance. It’s all about moderation and about making the right choices. Unfortunately, genetically modified sugar is in the majority of the processed sweets that we enjoy. Find an alternate, like organic or fair-trade chocolates. Or replace the processed sweets with Nature’s sweets! Snack on a fresh peach or a slice of watermelon from your local farmer’s market. Fresh fruit can also be turned into a refreshing smoothie or a summer pie. And finally, a handful of dried apples and cranberries mixed with walnuts make for a deliciously sweet pick-me-up.