“Let it Go”: Use Fall’s Energy for Balance & Health

HAPPY FALL EQUINOX! Fall is energetically a great time to let things go to create space in our lives and balance our health – whether it’s a few extra pounds, old possessions, even emotional baggage or self-judgmental beliefs that hinder rather than help us! Just as the trees naturally let go of their leaves in the fall, getting rid of what we don’t need is as important for our health and survival as saving what we truly need.

The energetic vibration of Autumn corresponds to that of our Lung and Large Intestine organs, which continually expand to “take in” air or processed food and also contract to “let go” of what we don’t need, which literally would become toxic to our bodies! The Lung also plays an important role in our immune system – keeping invaders at bay by literally pushing out pathogens that would otherwise give us the sniffles.

The energy of letting things go to create “breathing room” and space in our lives strengthens the functioning of these organs as well as our immune systems. Here are some easy tips on how you can make the most of the fall’s energy:

Tip 1: If your closet or house is packed to the brim with things you no longer regularly use, take some time to clear out the old to make room for the new, or just make room, period!

Tip 2: See what stressful or negative emotions you can let go of in your life. Can you create better balance in your life by letting go of grudges, worries, judgmental attitudes, and stresses?

Tip 3: For those of you familiar with The Dragon’s Way program, practicing movement #10, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth, will benefit your Lung energy highly especially when practiced today during the equinox or during the rest of the fall season. Watch this Youtube to learn how to practice this simple yet powerful Qigong energy exercise.