There is Only One You

In the entire Universe, there is only one YOU. You are uniquely wonderful. You are different than everyone around you for a reason: you are exactly who you are intended to be.

As we go through life, we become aware of the “boxes” that are implied by society. Do we fit within these molds? Should we? As children, many of us were told that we were born to stand out from the crowd. Others were told that they should change to “fit in.” But regardless of the advice you’ve been given, you are an individual. Anything that you hear, read or come across must be modified to fit your individual life.

We are often tempted to follow the workings of our minds. But the mind is a path. The mind is logical. Life has become difficult because we follow this rational mind. We hear something, see something, read something and immediately make judgements. We categorize events, people and experiences as “good” or “bad” and, like a puzzle, try to fit these lessons into our daily lives.

But your life is more than categorized boxes and information processing. To discover something bigger in life, let go of your rational mind. Stop thinking and start being. Live, dream, experience. Trust your own body and your own intuition. After all, you know it best!

Even if you’ve heard something over and over again, you still have to come to the answer through your own experience. Otherwise, it’s just information. Information will never truly inform your life until you make it yours.

Drop your expectations. Change your beliefs and old patterns of how you view yourself and the world around you. Express yourself. Appreciate your body. Listen to the messages it is sending you. No matter the question, the answer is always found within.