Intuitive Growth

We all began our lives as tiny babies, dependent on our caregivers for survival. So how did you begin life as a 4, 6, or 8-pound child and develop into a fully-grown adult? Did you plan your growth? Did you map it out, stage by stage? No, of course not. Your body intuitively knew how to do it. It grew teeth and hair, fused bones, developed muscles and knew how to move all on its own.

Since before history was recorded, people have been having babies, raising children and living their lives. As in the animal world, procreating allows for the survival of the species. The medical community has understood human growth patterns for thousands of years. They learned by observing and charting what they saw. But the body intuitively knew how to grow long before any of that. Knowledge is not a requirement for growth. The body simply requires food, water, and care.

We constantly think we know better than our bodies. We apply creams to “fix” itchy bumps and pimples and take medications to “correct” high blood pressure and migraine headaches. Although we continually bombard our bodies with new knowledge and “deep understanding,” we forget just how intelligent our bodies truly are! Your body innately knows how to reverse skin issues, high blood pressure, migraines and all other conditions. What might happen if we allowed our bodies the freedom to express their own wisdom?

Your body is a reflection of your life. What is showing on the surface is a reflection of what is happening deep within. So why did your body choose to create arthritis or develop Spring allergies? And why did another person’s body choose to develop menopausal symptoms or bladder infections? Everybody is different. Every symptom tells a story. Health is based not only on what we do to care for the body and life we were given but how we choose to live, day-to-day. A life that is full of stress, anger and frustration will eventually show symptoms. These signs of imbalance are your body’s way of talking to you.

So take the time to listen. What are your symptoms? How is your body expressing its imbalances? What can you do to simplify your life, reduce your stress, and become more peaceful? How can you allow your rational mind to rest so that your intuitive mind can take over?