Ask Grand Master Lu: Change and the Spiritual Journey

Question: All spiritual paths talk about changing ourselves. How can we do this?

Answer: Change is very easy to accomplish in the material world, but with living beings, change is very difficult. Qigong masters or spiritual teachers help their students to identify their own spiritual power, which can lead to opening the heart. The heart doesn’t have to be totally open for change to happen—it’s a question of degree. A fully open heart brings deep and permanent change, but even a small degree of openness can cause a miracle.

If the heart opens a little, you have a little enlightenment; if the heart opens wide, you have big enlightenment. Very often, this kind of transformation happens when we put it aside, forget about it, and attend to our daily life. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, something happens, something changes within us. This sounds easy, yes? The problem is that our nature is very tricky. True change involves the willingness to see and accept our deepest selves.

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