The Lure and Legend of Dragon’s Way Qigong

Celebrated by Chinese culture for thousands of years, the Dragon represents all things mysterious and inexplicable! Some say this magical creature exists only in the imagination; others say it inhabits other dimensions, other realities. When you think of the Dragon, you automatically connect to the energetic power associated with its rich history and symbolism in Chinese culture.

The Dragon must fly free! It must do whatever it wants, whenever it wants; if it is manipulated, punished, discouraged, damaged, its reaction is misery. It is the creature associated with our Liver, which is the organ most affected by excess emotions, especially anger, stress and frustration. Similarly, the Liver’s health is most affected by the stress of not being able to express itself fully, not being able to do exactly what it wants. It reacts poorly to the constraints of societal expectations that limit what you say or do.

When Liver function becomes compromised, the digestive system reacts poorly and metabolism disorders can arise. Weight gain? Stress is a major factor in this area. If you really want to drop excess weight, you have to watch stress levels and ease these excess emotions.

The Dragon, and its counterpart, the Liver, want imagination to soar; they want emotions to flow freely. They want to discard the limitations of social cages. The Dragon longs to embrace the power, beauty, and positive force of unlimited imagination and the most exciting thoughts. This is a powerful way toward health. When the Liver and the Stomach work in harmony, a body in balance has the best opportunity to shed excess weight naturally.

This is the meaning behind our powerful weight loss and stress relief program, Dragon’s Way Qigong®.