Dragon’s Way

  • Candace’s Story: From Dis-ease to Recovery with Dragon’s Way
    After suffering a concussion and its neurological side-effects, Candace discovered Dragon's Way Qigong and stepped on the path to recovery.
  • Stop Feeling Less Than Great: Foods
    “I’m just so tired.” Have you experienced this feeling for days or even weeks on end? Have you tried to figure out the cause of your symptoms, just to be left feeling even more run-down? You don’t need to live this way. Your life is meant to be happy and joyous. Your body is meant […]
  • Shake Off Stress With the Dragon’s Way
    Stress is something many people experience on a daily basis. Want to learn a fun way to reduce it? Read on!
  • What Color Are You?
    Color is one of the distinguishing factors that helps support the energetic function of an organ. Which color are you drawn to?
  • Kate’s Story: Release From Back Pain with the Dragon’s Way
    After living with chronic back pain for 10 years, Kate discovered the Dragon's Way. After just 2 weeks of Qigong practice, her pain disappeared.
  • Accepting the Way of the Dragon: Alex’s Story
    After years of dealing with weight issues and digestive problems, Alex turned his life and health around with Dragon's Way.
  • TCM Beliefs: Self-Healing Abilities
    In the TCM view, human beings are born with self-healing abilities. Although these messages fade over time, you can reawaken them through energy movements, eating for healing, and lifestyle changes.
  • The Ups and Downs of Yo-Yo Dieting
    Yo-yo dieting affects the body on a deep cellular level. But TCM has long understood that physical symptoms can be reversed through Qigong, diet and lifestyle changes. Balancing Qi creates health at the deepest level. A balanced body doesn't carry excess weight.
  • The Body Never Lies: Insomnia and Jittery Nerves
    From computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, TVs, watches, microwaves, and more, devices that seem so necessary to our lives create vibrations that can disrupt our bodies’ healthy functioning. Follow these tips to calm your jittery nerves and get a great night's sleep.
  • Melt Away Those Extra Pounds
    Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year. Often, that entails diet and exercise routines. But all too often, the weight that is lost comes back on. Learn how to use an entirely new type of thinking to rebalance the body and take the weight off for good, with Dragon's Way Qigong.
  • Jeff’s Story: Healing the Dragon’s Way®
    First as a student and then as an instructor, Jeff discovered mind, body, and spirit healing through the Dragon's Way.
  • Ellen’s Story: Dragon’s Way to Heal Back Pain
    After experiencing back pain and weakness, Ellen found Dragon's Way Qigong. Follow her path to becoming an instructor.