Shake Off Stress With the Dragon’s Way

Stress is a leading factor in many modern diseases. It’s also something a majority of Americans experience on a daily basis. Often considered an “emotional” issue, continual stress creates disharmony in the body and causes a range of physical side effects. When you’re stressed out, you just don’t feel well. Here’s the holistic explanation as to why and some direction on how to achieve mind-body-spirit stress relief.

Stress zaps your energy levels. The negative vibration of stress imbalances your organ function and blocks the free-flowing nature of Qi. Your body also exerts a tremendous amount of Qi to recover from stressful situations.  But we often accept stress as a way of life. We are used to eating on the run, racing from one meeting to the next and working ourselves harder than we should. If you’re already running low on energy, this invisible energetic imbalance can eventually manifest itself on the physical level. That’s when it becomes a symptom that you can’t ignore.

Clearly, learning to release stress is key. One easy trick is to shake it out. Think of stress as an ugly green monster that continually bubbles up inside of you. If you continue with your usual routine, this monster will get the best of you. So, shake it off and shake it out! Start with your head and slowly move down to your shoulders and arms, making sure to shake every finger. Then move on to your torso, and down to your hips and legs, before wiggling each toe. As you shake, imagine every burden falling away. It’s almost guaranteed to make you giggle—and laughter is the best tension-reliever!

Dragon’s Way

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