Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Let’s keep it light and fresh. Summer is a time of abundance and growth so try to eat foods that are seasonally grown and ready for the picking.

Eating for healing honors the needs of the body and takes into account food cravings. If you crave bitter and cooling foods, that’s the Heart talking. Turn to foods like watermelon, arugula, escarole and endive.

Follow our plan or substitute meals based on your food cravings and by all means eat your leftovers!  Vegetarians are encouraged to substitute recipes.


Fast for one day

Watermelon Fasting

Getting Better Results

  • As always we suggest barley and mung beans weekly.
  • Add fruit and leafy greens to any meal.
  • Include bread, pasta or crackers, if desired.
  • Coffee and tea are fine too!
  • Eat more watermelon.
  • Try not to waste anything. Be creative and combine leftovers for a tasty meal.

Alternate Food Choices

Bean Sprouts, Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Cilantro, Kabocha, Scallions, Sweet Potatoes, Any Greens
Apples, Avocados, Berries, Clementines, Goji Berries, Pears, Tomatoes, Red Dates
Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Bean Curd, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger, Maple Syrup, Rice Vinegar
Clams, Oysters, Shrimp
Ocean Fish
Cod, Salmon
Black Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower
Bone, Chicken, Vegetable
Avocado, Olive, Sesame, Sunflower, Walnut
Almonds, Chestnuts, Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Chinese Barley, Oatmeal, Quinoa, Rice