We’re so happy you’re joining us as we flow into the summer season. A time for simplicity and playfulness. Welcome to Heart Harmony.

Are you ready?

Don’t just jump in. Sit back and think are you really ready? Do you want to discover more of your playful side? More importantly, do you know why this concept is so important?

The Heart is the house of your Spirit and Spirit knows its purpose. Only your mind steps in the way and blocks the signal. To reduce the noise of the mind we suggest you start with your beliefs.



You have the ability to rebalance yourself.



You are entitled to enjoy good health and happiness.



Your body has wisdom therefore you are the key ingredient. So what are you manifesting?

Everything is Energy

Qigong Practice

The Qigong postures have been developed through Master Lu’s own free form practice and are forms he generally practices daily. Notice how your energy expands and shifts the more you practice.  Find the practice here

Eating for Healing

Let’s keep it light and simple. Moist foods, like watermelon, and cucumbers lighten up the body. Take a look at what we’ve developed. Follow your intuition on food selection. Reference the Five Element Consciousness chart below to figure out what your food cravings are associated with.

Find the recipes here

Facebook Forum

Join the Heart Harmony Forum. If you need help setting up an account, contact us at [email protected].

We encourage you to openly share your thoughts and questions on the forum. Many people in our community have been studying Five Element Consciousness and have a lot to share. Only those who are subscribed to this program will see your posts.

Life Force and Qi

You stand on this Earth as a human manifested through Qi. Qi is the Universal life force that runs through you. When you practice Qigong you are reaching into the true source of your life. Embrace this feeling. It is not religion, it is life itself. – Grand Master Nan Lu

Five Element Consciousness

The Five Element Consciousness Framework offers us a guide to understand our connection to Nature and the Universe. Energetically, our organs communicate with Nature and with one another. They constantly strive to keep the body in balance. To understand signals of imbalance, the ancient Chinese doctors turned to the Five Element chart. There are many layers to understand when studying this chart, so we’ll start with just a few.

Each organ resonates with the vibration of a different season, emotion, taste and color. Notice the element associated with the Kidney: water. Now look at the taste: salty, the color: black and the emotion: fear. Do you resonate with any of these signs? Are you drawn to wearing black continually? How about salty foods? Sound appealing? That’s your body communicating its needs.

Take some time to study the Five Element chart below and unravel your own messages.

Kidney/Bladder: Associated with the Water element and the Winter season.

Liver/Gallbladder: Associated with the Wood element and the Spring season.

Heart/Small Intestine: Associated with the Fire element and the Summer season.

Spleen/Stomach: Associated with the Earth element and the Late Summer season.

Lung/Large Intestine: Associated with the Metal element and the Fall season.