Qigong Practice

  • A Powerful Circle of Inner Peace: Taiji
    By practicing Taiji, you can connect to the Oneness of all life. And once your spirit connects to the spirit of Taiji, you see that there is no beginning and no end to that which is You.
  • Monica’s Story: From Headaches to Happiness
    After suffering through debilitating headaches for many years, Monica found healing and balance through the Dragon's Way.
  • Kate’s Story: Release From Back Pain with the Dragon’s Way
    After living with chronic back pain for 10 years, Kate discovered the Dragon's Way. After just 2 weeks of Qigong practice, her pain disappeared.
  • Ask Grand Master Lu: Does All Energy Carry a Message?
    You asked and he answered. Find out what Grand Master Lu has to say about energy and the messages carried within.
  • Gaining Energy, Losing Energy and Growing Ourselves
    Qigong is an intuitive understanding of the infinite connections in this world. Practicing Qigong will grow you and change you, but you need to be committed. Be peaceful; love yourself.
  • Women’s Health: How Empowerment is Prevention
    Symptoms should not be viewed from the angle of fear. Instead, they are messages from the body that you are ready for empowerment. It's your time to change your life
  • The Ups and Downs of Yo-Yo Dieting
    Yo-yo dieting affects the body on a deep cellular level. But TCM has long understood that physical symptoms can be reversed through Qigong, diet and lifestyle changes. Balancing Qi creates health at the deepest level. A balanced body doesn't carry excess weight.
  • TCM: A Whole Body Specialty
    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the principle that physical symptoms stem from deeper energetic issues. Everything is connected. These connections help us to view the body as a treasure map to understand the body’s invisible energetic imbalances.
  • The Body Never Lies: Insomnia and Jittery Nerves
    From computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, TVs, watches, microwaves, and more, devices that seem so necessary to our lives create vibrations that can disrupt our bodies’ healthy functioning. Follow these tips to calm your jittery nerves and get a great night's sleep.
  • A Simple Footbath to Build Kidney Energy
    Pào jiāo is a footbath. In Chinese, pào means “to soak” and jiāo means “to pour water on.” You can also get the same effect of this traditional Chinese healing technique by taking a full bath and keeping your feet immersed in the water. In the past, full hot baths were considered a rare luxury […]
  • A Small Word With Great Meaning
    The words "get well" imply a message of hope during an illness. But by simply changing "get" to "stay," you send a message of continued health.
  • How to Prepare the Body for a Flu Shot
    It's natural for the body to get sick. It gives the immune system a chance to get stronger and become more alert. So how do you prepare for a flu shot?