Qigong Practice

  • Complimentary Classes: Qigong for Women’s Breast Health
    We want to help women move beyond fear—beyond ‘what-ifs’—and learn how to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. If you’ve had breast cancer, let us help you move on with your life. Cancer does not have to be your life story. Every framework is unique. Western medicine has one way of viewing health issues, while […]
  • Darwin’s Story: Birthday Wish
    For his 67th birthday, Darwin made a Wish. Read on to learn how acupuncture changed Darwin's relationship with his knee.
  • Reducing the Effects of All-Consuming Stress
    One-third of the world is consumed by stress. Continual stress causes physical and emotional harm. So what can we do to reduce its effects?
  • Once in a Blue Moon: Virtual Practice
    The energy of the full moon unites every living being. Join our virtual Qigong practice as we bask in the Qi and light of the Blue Flower Moon.
  • Pink Full Moon: Virtual Practice
    An ancient sign of Spring's awakening, the Pink Full Moon will be upon us on Friday at 7:12 AM. Join us in a virtual meditation.
  • The Gift of Good Flow
    The body knows how to heal itself, as long as you provide it with the opportunities to do so.
  • Ask Grand Master Nan Lu: Why Practice Qigong?
    You asked, he answered. Find out why Grand Master Nan Lu believes Qigong to be such a beneficial energy practice.
  • Faith: The Foundation of Qigong
    Faith is an inward journey that you must walk alone. It is a journey that leads to the greatest reward: the belief that anything in life is possible.
  • Gary’s Story: Giving Me Back Myself
    After being diagnosed with an eye condition that could have led to blindness, Gary took a leap of faith. Instead of emergency surgery, he opted to follow an alternative path. Listen below to learn how Qigong gave Gary so much more than his eyesight. Come back tomorrow to find out how Qigong practice continues to […]
  • Qigong Journey for Emotional Freedom
    Join our 8-day virtual program. Experience how ancient wisdom can lead to emotional freedom.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blood Wolf Moon
    This weekend, you'll be treated to a double celestial whammy. Nicknamed "Super Blood Wolf Moon", this Supermoon is also part of a total lunar eclipse, the last we'll experience until 2021.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blue Blood Moon
    The moon is a cosmic being that brightens the night sky with its heavenly glow. But this celestial object has a huge impact on life on Earth. It greatly influences the ocean tides, causing the highest tides during full and new moons. Imagine that! An object in the sky can exert its gravitational force to […]