How to Prepare the Body for a Flu Shot

Many people are in certain lines of work that require flu shots every year. So how can you prepare the body to receive the flu shot?

Generally speaking, when the body is naturally sick with a fever or flu virus, the immune system is exercised. This helps the body to get stronger and build up immunity in a natural way. The idea of a flu shot is similar—to use your own immune system to learn how to fight the illness. Then your body can prevent the flu when it comes in contact with the virus. But if your immune system isn’t strong in the first place, how can it fight? How can it win? It doesn’t have a chance.

Follow these steps for two weeks before getting a flu shot. Doing so will help build up your immune system and make it alert and strong in order to be able to receive benefit from the flu shot.

  1. Herbs: Chinese herbs will help get your body in balance. Certain herbs are recommended for the flu shot. If interested in this route, please call the center. Also remember that food is used for healing. Eat warming foods and drinks that are easily digested to help conserve your energy.
  2. Rest and Be Peaceful: Take some things off of your to-do list. Let go of what bothers you. Spend the next two weeks being peaceful. Get to bed at an early time and get an ample amount of sleep every night.
  3. Meditate or practice Qigong: Life is meditation. As you meditate or practice Qigong, remember this peaceful state. Feel the calmness wash over you and carry that feeling with you.

After receiving the shot, many people experience flu-like symptoms. Whether you do or don’t, treat your body as if you have a cold. Warm yourself up. Make yourself a pot of tea by steeping slices of fresh ginger (or 2 ginger tea bags) and 1 peppermint tea bag in boiling water. Then add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Drink the tea while it is nice and warm. Then follow-up with a hot bath and a good night of sleep.