• Nature Bounces Back
    History has shown us that Nature has the incredible ability to recover. We are part of Nature, so we, too, have the ability to bounce back.
  • Everything is Qi—Everything is Energy
    Everything is energy. You are a child of the Universe with access to all of its power and wisdom. You are entitled to a high level of being and healing.
  • We Are Energy Beings
    We often lose sight of our connection to Nature. Here are a few tips to reconnect to the energy that surrounds us.
  • Embrace the Uniqueness
    In this world of differences and opposites, can you embrace the uniqueness of each individual?
  • Gung Hay Fat Choy!
    "Gung Hay Fat Choy"—"Wishing you great happiness and prosperity" in this year of the Fire Rooster.  
  • Every Day Is a New Opportunity
    Every day, you have the opportunity to learn, live, and grow. Every day, you have a chance to be a better version of yourself than the day before.
  • The Power of True Understanding and Love
    Your challenge for today is this: Go and love someone exactly as they are.
  • Peru: The Organic and Non-GMO Mecca
    As the list of U.S. foods that have been genetically modified grows longer and longer, we look to other countries--like Peru--for a true organic model.
  • Who Are You…Uniquely?
    How do you portray yourself to the world? Is that the person you are, deep down, or have you lost sight of your true self?
  • Letting Go and Moving Forward
    Fall is the season of letting go—the preparation for Winter dormancy and eventually, Spring renewal. Our bodies go through the same seasonal process.
  • TCM Talk: The Rise of “Functional Foods”
    The concept of functional foods--or food as medicine--tells us that each food has a powerful healing essence.
  • Can You Live a Life Unplugged?
    Would you be able to live without all mobile devices? Give it a try and then share your comments with us below!