Every Day is Your Birthday

Happy birthday! Even if today was not the actual day that you were born, we are celebrating YOU! Why the special acknowledgement? Why not? Most of us celebrate our birthdays with plenty of fanfare and self-loving indulgences. But what separates your birthday from the other 364 days of the year? Why don’t we observe every day as though it were our special day? Why not treat every day as your birthday?

You may recall a scene from the beloved children’s movie, Alice in Wonderland, where the heroine encounters several eccentric characters celebrating their “un-birthdays.”

“Now, statistics prove… just one birthday every year…
…but there are three hundred and sixty four un-birthdays!
Precisely why we’re gathered here to cheer.”

You Have 364 Un-Birthdays. Celebrate Wisely!

What these un-birthday merrymakers understand is that every day is magical and worth celebrating. Nature surrounds you with unconditional love, gifts, and support every single day, just as your friends and family do on your birthday. Whether or not today is your day of birth, you deserve the utmost love, care and happiness. Each day is “your day” to feel good, to enjoy life, and to celebrate the small gifts that surround you. Breathe in the fresh air, fill your soul with celebration, and share that joy with those around you. How amazing would life be if you felt completely free to do whatever brings you happiness every single day? What a gift!

So, try spending every un-birthday as your birthday. Commemorate your existence. As you wake up each morning, celebrate the uniqueness of each day. Life is a gift to everyone and everything here on Earth. And you are a gift to all those that surround you. Happy birthday.