Only Moments

Life is filled with excitement, disappointment, joy, heartbreak, failure and success. As we go through life, we learn to take the “good” with the “bad.” In doing so, we lose our firm grasp on the things and people we hold dear. But in reality, the control was never ours to have. Life moves. Each and every day, it changes.

Icons that we once thought were invincible are taken from us in the blink of an eye. Lives are lost and others are forever changed. But their presence has made a lasting imprint on the world.

Every morning, we have a new opportunity to see the world in a clean and fresh light. Each day gives us another chance to start anew. But what if this day was your last? How would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? What feelings would you hold in your heart?

We all have responsibilities, commitments and obligations. But these are only a tiny piece of the larger picture. The truth is, regardless of how long our lives turn out to be, we have only moments. Moments to love and to cherish, and moments to share our hearts with those around us. Although we may feel like there will always be a tomorrow, none of us are invincible. So don’t waste your moments. Find your inner happiness and hold it close.