• What Do You Feed Your Children?
    We know the importance of feeding our children healthy food. But feeding them love and goodness brings out the very best in them.
  • Who Are You? You Are What You Think
    Healthy eating is important. But what matters even more than what we put in our bodies is what we feed our minds. You are what you think!
  • We Are All Connected: Taking Time to Disconnect and Reconnect
    Connectivity extends beyond our human reach. We are reminded of the powerful presence of Nature, not only around us, but within us, as we disconnect and then take the time to reconnect.
  • The Key to Chinese Medicine
    Illness can be looked at as a body out of balance. As long as you can find balance, you will gain health. This is the key to understanding Chinese medicine.
  • Hail to the Cooling Cucumber
    Whether eaten raw, pickled, or tossed in a salad with vinegar, cucumbers (along with watermelon) are Nature's cure to Summer heat.
  • Genetically Modified Foods
    While growing our own food is best, that isn't always possible. Follow these tips: eat organic, choose local and make sure it's in-season.
  • Words of Wisdom: Receiving More Information
    There are so many healing messages in the energy of food. You cannot receive this deeper gift unless you make the choice to turn on your body's receiver.
  • Straight From the Heart
    A body in balance is a body in harmony. The true pathway to healing is all about looking inward and allowing the Heart to be peaceful.
  • Qigong Harmonizes Pathways for Healing
    Your body, mind, and spirit are inseparable. Qigong offers you an opportunity to understand Oneness and connect to Universal consciousness.