• Once in a Blue Moon: Virtual Practice
    The energy of the full moon unites every living being. Join our virtual Qigong practice as we bask in the Qi and light of the Blue Flower Moon.
  • Nature Knows: Invisible Work
    Just because we are able to do something, doesn't mean we must! Nature knows the power of the invisible. Do you?
  • Emotions Come and Go
    Just like the ocean waves, emotions come and go. Can you ride the highs and the lows? If so, you'll find emotional freedom!
  • Women’s Health: An Inborn Gift
    Women are born with a special gift that they were never taught to understand: the ability to help their bodies and emotions become more flexible.
  • Detox With TCM
    By boosting your Liver function and learning to go with the flow of Nature, you get the deepest and purest result—a truly healthy body and being.
  • Perfect Timing: Asking for Universal Guidance
    When starting a new venture doesn't go as planned, don't fret. The answer is out there. Here are some tips to finding Universal guidance.
  • Women’s Health: Sensitivity
    Women have a built-in sensitivity to connect to Nature's invisible emotions. That's one part of what makes women so special.
  • Eggplant: a TCM Superfood
    With its versatility and a history that dates back to ancient times, eggplant is a true TCM healing and weight-loss wonder.
  • Ask Grand Master Nan Lu: Sports Injuries
    You asked, he answered. Find out what Grand Master Nan Lu has to say about treating and preventing sports injuries.