Apricots: Super Healing Fruits

Have Your Heard? Apricots have been used as a healing food for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, food is used as medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit. Apricots are no exception. Energetically, apricots pack a powerful punch when it comes to supporting the body against Heart disease.  The essence of these stone fruits benefit your Heart and Small Intestine function, which is at its peak in Summer.

These super fruits are often prescribed to reduce thirst, lower high blood pressure, calm coughs, add moisture to the Lung and lessen the symptoms of asthma. They also help detoxify the blood and fight against cancer. Many cultures have long recognized the medicinal qualities of this sweet-sour tasting fruit. Native to either China or the ancient Greeks, this fruit was a staple that was eaten fresh, dried and cooked.

In modern cultures, apricots are found in sweet and savory dishes alike. Raw or dried apricots can be diced and simmered in coconut milk, providing a sweet base for rice. Fresh apricots are equally mouthwatering when sprinkled with brown sugar and lemon juice and baked into a sweet summer pie. Or, welcome the summer sun while enjoying a delicious apricot smoothie.

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