Ask Grand Master Nan Lu: Constant Worry

Question: I am known to my friends as a constant worrier. Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been losing weight without trying to do so. I have a small frame, so this makes me worry even more. Is all of this worry impacting my health?



The Five Element Consciousness Framework speaks about how all things are connected and interrelated. It shows us how the structures and systems in our bodies are connected to each other, how we are connected to the environment and Nature, and how our world is part of the greater Universe.

Each organ pair has a particular emotion associated with it. For instance, the Stomach/Spleen is related to worry. If you are constantly worried, your sleep may be affected or you may lose your appetite. You may find that you’re losing weight. Why? Your stomach has a big responsibility. It takes so much in. It’s digesting not only food, but sounds, smells, emotions, stressful situations, and much more. Even if you are able to eat, it does not mean that you can fully digest what you’ve eaten. Constant worry affects your Stomach function and your digestion. Your invisible emotions directly impact your physical body.

The body never lies! It will always give us cues to know what’s happening deep within, on an invisible energetic level. The fact that you are aware of your constant worry means that you are in tune with your body. Start by letting go of your worry little-by-little. If everything truly happens for a reason and everything happens for good, why do you need to worry? Think less with your mind and more with your heart. Once you are able to deepen your smile from within and believe that life is unfolding exactly as intended, your worry will dissipate. Also, the Stomach/Spleen system loves warmth! Be sure to eat warm, cooked foods and add spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and ginger to your foods.