• Lemons or Lemonade: What Defines You?
    We've all had our share of life experiences—good and bad. But while things in life may be part of your story, they don't need to define you.
  • Living an Inspired Life
    Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. When it hits, let it impact you. It may just change your life for the better.
  • Five to Thrive
    Try these five lifestyle choices the ancients in China tuned into to help restore your energy and rebalance your body, mind and spirit.
  • Blue Zone Magic
    In the blue zones, people live longer, healthier lives, often past the age of 100. Discover 9 criteria that contribute to the health of these centenarians.
  • Weekly Challenge: Only Love
    Love paves the way for goodness, light and understanding of ourselves and others. Are you ready to begin our weekly challenge?
  • Delicious Summer Eats
    Eating seasonal, locally grown foods helps your body acclimate with Nature's messages. Follow these eating-for-healing tips for summer magic!
  • As Long as I Love You, I Will Like You
    We've all said, "I'll love you forever." But what does forever actually mean? It's all about perspective.
  • Apricots: Super Healing Fruits
    Have Your Heard? Apricots have been used as a healing food for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, food is used as medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit. Apricots are no exception. Energetically, apricots pack a powerful punch when it comes to supporting the body against Heart disease.  The essence of these […]
  • Complementary Medicine and TCM
    Chinese medicine is based on the guiding principles of balance and energy. Grand Master Nan Lu shares his thoughts on TCM as a complementary medicine.