Xiao Dao: Illness is Limited. Health is Unlimited

Your body can heal itself.

This key understanding opens a gateway to another way of thinking about health. For integrative physicians, functional medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, therapists and life coaches, embracing this approach means going beyond seeing only the disease. Health is natural. It appears when the body is balanced and reflects its natural connection to the entire Universe.

How can this be achieved? What are the requirements for activating our body’s innate healing gifts?

This December, Grand Master Nan Lu will teach you how to apply Xiao Dao principles and practices that provide the opportunity for the body to heal itself. You will become skilled at working with the body’s natural healing ability. Xiao Dao distills thousands of years of Chinese medicine wisdom and applies it to the challenges of modern life that affect our well-being. It helps clean up and balance the body from the inside out.

You will discover how this approach addresses and reveals the deepest, usually invisible causes of physical conditions. You can better understand the different issues your clients and patients process as they move through their healing journey. In addition, you can apply everything you learn to help achieve your own balance. And because this approach embraces health, you can’t make a mistake.

If this approach is exciting to you, we invite you to join Grand Master Lu for this special training.

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To hear Grand Master Nan Lu discuss Xiao Dao and its benefits, click the audio link below.