Ask Grand Master Lu: Eczema


My children and I experience uncomfortable eczema flare-ups. Can you talk a bit about eczema and how it is related to traditional Chinese medicine?


While anything related to the skin involves the Lung, eczema goes a bit deeper. It’s also different for kids versus adults. You have to look at where it presents on the body. Location, location, location! Where the eczema appears on the body gives clues as to which organs and meridians are involved. Once you involve the skin, the Lung is always involved. But the Lung is the effect. From there, you look at the relationship between the organs to find the root cause.

With kids, we often look at Stomach/Spleen function (dietary or digestive) or Kidney function (genetic). Either points to the mother/child relationship on the Five Element Consciousness Framework. If the mother is nursing, her diet and emotions impact the baby. The best way to help a baby/young child deal with eczema is to first treat the mother. You may also boost the child’s digestion by giving warm, cooked foods.

Adults are a bit different, because they always associate with emotions. When eczema presents in an adult, the Liver—the organ that processes stress and emotions—is always involved. The Liver and Lung have a cooperative relationship. Often, people with eczema have itching. If the affected areas are itchy and/or the itchiness moves, the condition is associated with Liver function. If itchiness is constantly there, the eczema can be associated with dampness, which is linked to Stomach function.

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