• Complimentary Classes: Qigong for Women’s Breast Health
    We want to help women move beyond fear—beyond ‘what-ifs’—and learn how to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. If you’ve had breast cancer, let us help you move on with your life. Cancer does not have to be your life story. Every framework is unique. Western medicine has one way of viewing health issues, while […]
  • Paula’s Story: The Power of Xiao Dao in Healing Practice
    Paula used Xiao Dao to discover her own spiritual and creative growth. She now shares this gift with clients to activate their own forms of self-expression.
  • Seeing Is Believing?
    How much are you truly capable of seeing and how does your unique perspective influence that? Can you view your health from this lens?
  • In Tune With Nature’s Flow
    Nature is our best teacher. It provides examples—every season—of how to live in harmony with all that surrounds us. Can you follow its pattern?
  • Health Through Wholeness
    While Eastern and Western practices approach healing from varying perspectives, the understanding that everything is connected unites them. It’s all about relationships.
  • Nature Knows: Beautiful “Mistakes”
    When iron is part of the crystalline structure of quartz, something spectacular results--purple amethyst. Its imperfection is what creates its beauty.
  • Melissa’s Story: The Power of Xiao Dao in Healing Practice
    As an integrative medicine physician, Melissa aligns the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern science.
  • Xiao Dao: Illness is Limited. Health is Unlimited
    The key understanding that your body can heal itself views health as a state of balance. In our Xiao Dao training, you'll discover opportunities to achieve unlimited health.
  • Nature Knows: Heaven and Earth
    During its rainy season, Salar de Uyuni reflects both above—the changing sky in all of its glory—and below—the viewer's own reflection.