Women’s Health

  • Women’s Health: Creating Qi Life
    Women are incredibly powerful. They can create life! But creating life is more than giving birth. How do we define life? In Chinese medicine, natural, Universal Qi combines with Earth Qi to create a human being. Using this definition, we are children of our parents, but also children of the universe. Women are capable of […]
  • Menopause: A Unique Energy Gateway
    Grandmaster Nan Lu speaks about TCM's view of menopause as an energy gateway—a natural progression in a woman's life.
  • Women’s Health: Moon Family
    The full moon is invisible for all but one day every month. It balances an entire month of energy in just one beautiful showing. Women hold this invisible power.
  • One Powerful Acupressure Point for Women’s Health
    This powerful acupoint connects to the three vital meridians for women: the Spleen, Liver, and Kidney.
  • Communicating With Your Unborn Child
    A mother's love goes beyond the visible dimension. Send messages of love and goodness to your unborn child.
  • The Liver and Women’s Health
    All women’s health issues are directly or indirectly related to Liver function. Learn what you can do to support your Liver.
  • Tracey’s Story: Embracing Qigong for Healing
    Tracey shared Qigong for Breast Health with a friend who received a breast cancer diagnosis. Her friend embraced Qigong and used it to heal.
  • Complementary Medicine for Breast Cancer Treatments
    Grand Master Lu discusses the use of complementary medicine to treat side-effects of breast cancer treatments. Join us for a free class tomorrow!
  • Complimentary Classes: Qigong for Women’s Breast Health
    We want to help women move beyond fear—beyond ‘what-ifs’—and learn how to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. If you’ve had breast cancer, let us help you move on with your life. Cancer does not have to be your life story. Every framework is unique. Western medicine has one way of viewing health issues, while […]
  • TCM Tips for Easier Breastfeeding
    You're a new mom--excited, tired and worried about your precious baby. This anxiety often leads to breastfeeding woes. Breathe. Relax. We have tips to help.
  • Women’s Health: An Inborn Gift
    Women are born with a special gift that they were never taught to understand: the ability to help their bodies and emotions become more flexible.
  • Women’s Health: Sensitivity
    Women have a built-in sensitivity to connect to Nature's invisible emotions. That's one part of what makes women so special.