• Overweight or Out of Balance?
    As long as your body is balanced, disease cannot enter. As long as your body is balanced, weight will drop off naturally.
  • Ask Grand Master Lu: Emotions
    You asked and he answered. Find out what Grand Master Lu has to say about expressing your emotions.
  • Take a Chance on a Change
    How might you feel at the end of the day if you threw your list to the side and focused on yourself? Take a chance on a change. Take a chance on you!
  • Energetic Properties of Foods: Dandelion
    Grand Master Lu discusses energetic properties of food, namely dandelion, and shares that every food contains a different energy.
  • Soul Food
    Your body's fuel consists of much more than food. What do you truly "feed" your body? Do these messages nourish and support your soul?
  • Meditation in Motion
    Often called "meditation in motion", graceful Taiji movements have restorative and healing benefits that impact your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Mind Taiji: What a Novel Concept
    We practice “mind Taiji” every day, but we can’t achieve balance if we are stuck in our minds. Taiji allows us to release the mind and discover Oneness.
  • A Powerful Circle of Inner Peace: Taiji
    By practicing Taiji, you can connect to the Oneness of all life. And once your spirit connects to the spirit of Taiji, you see that there is no beginning and no end to that which is You.
  • Candace’s Story: From Dis-ease to Recovery with Dragon’s Way
    After suffering a concussion and its neurological side-effects, Candace discovered Dragon's Way Qigong and stepped on the path to recovery.