• Ask Grand Master Lu: What Causes Seasonal Allergies?
    Ever wonder why some people suffer from seasonal allergies while others do not? Learn the TCM perspective behind seasonal allergies.
  • Beth’s Story: Finding Self-Confidence
    After completing her Dragon's Way Qigong® instructor training, Beth moved past her own insecurities to bring this life-changing program to others.
  • Bundle Up! Winter’s Still Here
    From 60 degrees to snow? That's a clear sign that winter is still with us. Bundle up!
  • Nature Knows: Healing Wisdom
    Mend the connection between yourself and the greatest of all teachers. Nature is magnificent, as is what we can learn by immersing ourselves within it.
  • A Reflection of the Truth
    Seeing with our minds is limiting. It prevents us from truly experiencing the world on a deeper, more profound level.
  • Karen’s Story: Dare to Believe in Yourself
    Karen diverged from the "accepted" path, listened to her Heart and became a nurse, fulfilling her true life's journey.
  • Dragon’s Way Qigong for Emotional and Physical Health
    A recent study from researchers at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) World Foundation found that a mind-body intervention called Dragon’s Way Qigong may relieve several physical and emotional health issues. This technique, from the Wu Ming Qigong tradition, was shown to reduce stress-related psychological and physical symptoms. The research data confirmed clinical observations of the […]
  • And the Award Goes To…
    On a recent retreat weekend, our students celebrated the Year of the Pig with an awards show of their own. Drumroll please...!
  • Tap Into the Spirit of Earth Pig Energy
    The Spirit of the Pig is gentle and optimistic. With faith in yourself and a positive outlook, your goals and riches can be realized