• A Balanced Life: Your Heart Knows the Way
    Life is unbalanced. Our lives are stressful. So how do we release the constant barrage of thoughts? Follow your heart. It knows the way to balance.
  • The Consciousness of Self-Healing
    After encountering a tree struck by lightning in the Grand Canyon, Grand Master Lu shares his perspective on the consciusness of self-healing.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blood Wolf Moon
    This weekend, you'll be treated to a double celestial whammy. Nicknamed "Super Blood Wolf Moon", this Supermoon is also part of a total lunar eclipse, the last we'll experience until 2021.
  • Qigong Practice in the Light of the Super Blue Blood Moon
    The moon is a cosmic being that brightens the night sky with its heavenly glow. But this celestial object has a huge impact on life on Earth. It greatly influences the ocean tides, causing the highest tides during full and new moons. Imagine that! An object in the sky can exert its gravitational force to […]
  • Reflection of Your Spirit
    Illness and disease are just a shadow of the highest, spiritual dimensions. Everything is a reflection of your spirit.
  • Nature Knows
    Each branch of a tree serves a purpose. Just as no one branch is unnecessary, nothing in life is unnecessary.
  • Belly Button Connections
    Energetically, your belly button allows you to connect to all bloodlines that came before you. These blood lines carry all of the wisdom in your genetic code.
  • Winter and the Water Element
    In Winter, your Kidney and Bladder maintain the body’s water systems and are the root of your vitality.
  • Chelsea’s Story: Finally Free
    After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Chelsea discovered a lasting solution to health freedom--Dragon's Way Qigong!