Perfect Timing: Asking for Universal Guidance

Have you ever begun a project with hesitation and confusion? Most of us have. We hem and haw over tiny details, looking at a situation from many different angles until we think we have it just right. Then opening day comes and your well-planned shop is, well… empty. Should you look at your business venture as a failure? Of course not. This would just fuel negative thoughts, which we all know are not helpful in any way, shape, or form. Your business might have a very promising future. The timing just isn’t right.

So, what is the right timing to put something out there? And how do you know in advance, so you can avoid the embarrassment of an empty shop on opening day? It’s all about trust and the understanding that it’s not always up to us to see the finish line. Sometimes the Universe has something different in store for us. And sometimes different is good—very good!

Of course, every project takes a bit of thought and molding to set the idea in motion, but when it comes to beginning work on it or drawing people to your cause, sometimes we all need a bit of Universal guidance. So, if you’re feeling stuck, try these tips:

1. Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Put your thought out there. Ask the Universe for guidance. Whether that happens when you’re sitting quietly in meditation, or you physically write your wish on paper, making your intention tangible will help to table your fears and set the wheels in motion.

2. Be Careful What You Wish For: Once you set your intention out there, be sure that this is what you truly want. Make sure that you are ready for what you are asking. Do you really want that job transfer? Is this truly the right business for you at this time in your life? Do you know all that is involved with those decisions?

3. Be Flexible: When things don’t work out exactly as planned, look at it as life’s way of teaching you a much-needed lesson—go with the flow. Once you become flexible and trust that what is meant to be will happen, life will start unfolding in so many good ways.