• Be Playful! Let It Go!
    Children are our greatest teachers! You are a child of the Universe! Be playful and experience what it means to let it go.
  • Laugh Freely
    Learn from life's greatest teachers: children. Be free. Live in the moment. Take on less and let go more. And above all, laugh. It keeps you young.
  • Boost the Immune System Through Play
    Children and animals are great teachers. They show us—through their playful example—how jumping and laughing is a free-spirited form of creative expression.
  • Thursday Tips: At Home With Kids
    Consistency, expression, connection, love and strength. These are a few ways to meet the needs of our children while providing room for creative freedom.
  • Parenting: Frustration is Steeped in Fear
    We all enjoy a good laugh when we hear a comedian’s funny one-liners. But in reality, jokes are there for more than just immediate entertainment. They help you to see your own frustration or fear on a deeper level. It’s no coincidence that we find certain jokes funnier than others. We often laugh at jokes […]
  • Parents as Life Guides
    As we raise our children, it's important be their guides. As guides, we don't stop them from exploring and adventuring. Instead, we help light the way.
  • What Do You Feed Your Children?
    We know the importance of feeding our children healthy food. But feeding them love and goodness brings out the very best in them.
  • Belly Button Connections
    Energetically, your belly button allows you to connect to all bloodlines that came before you. These blood lines carry all of the wisdom in your genetic code.
  • Turning Inward When We’re Taught to Focus Outward
    Meditation is the gift that helps us find our inner core. How can it benefit children?
  • Keep Your Kids Healthy–Boost Their Digestion
    Good nutrition builds healthy bodies. Learn how to get the most out of your food and get some tips on how to better feed your kids (and yourselves)!
  • How to Feed a Picky Eater: Mom Approved!
    So you have a picky eater on your hands. Don't fret. We have tips and guidance to flip their unhealthy cravings into good-for-you choices.
  • Persistent Cough? Try this Healing Ginger Massage
    The cold, dry winter climate presents a health challenge for many people. It is a time when young children, babies, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to catching a cold or virus. It’s important to dress warmly when it’s cold, but even though some warmer days may have us reaching for lighter clothing, it’s important […]