10 Things I Wish All Parents Knew

In an interview with developmental pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Cowan, we learn secrets to raising happy children. In Dr. Cowan’s words, “After 25 years practicing pediatrics, patterns emerge that offer a deeper vision of what it means to be healthy. Here are a few of the insights I’ve gained in caring for thousands of children as they have grown up and out into the world.”

  • Children ripen like fruit.
  • There is a seasonal rhythm to all development.
  • Encouragement is not the same as indulgence.
  • Pushing your buttons is a spiritual practice.
  • Symptoms are teachings.
  • Be prepared to get sick
  • Healing takes time.
  • The secret of life is letting go.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Have a Big Heart.

Listen to his full interview here.

TCM World’s Ellen Schaplowsky interviewed Dr. Cowan prior to his presentation at the annual Building Bridges of Integration conference where Dr. Cowan regularly shares his wisdom and insights.

Dr. Cowan is a board-certified pediatrician and certified medical acupuncturist with more than 25 years of clinical experience working with children. We’d like to thank him for his contributions to and support of TCM World Foundation as we continue to educate the public about mind-body-spirit medicine. For more info on Dr. Cowan, please visit his website at www.stephencowanmd.com

Check back next week when Dr. Cowan explores the 5 phases of child development.