Belly Button Connections

When was the last time you thanked your belly button?

In the womb, nutrients are carried from your mother’s body through the umbilical cord and into your body through your navel. A source of sustenance, the belly button closes shortly after birth. But from an energetic standpoint, your belly button continues to serve the body long after your birth. It is a gate that allows you to connect to all bloodlines that came before you. In this space, you connect to your mother, grandmother and all other “mothers” generationally. When you touch your belly button, you connect to these bloodlines, which carry all of the wisdom in your genetic code.

Every cell in your body has an anti-cell. Every genetic problem also carries the key to fix itself. Instead of seeing a genetic disease in a bad way, think about your consciousness. Why do you connect to the bad instead of the good? How do you pick up on the best of the genetic information? When you heal from disease, you gain wisdom. You break the code of genetic disease to pass down to future generations. When you process an event and heal, the information that you can heal yourself gets passed down as well.

To connect to these generational bloodlines, close your eyes and place both hands on your belly button. Breathe in and breathe out through your belly button. As you do, feel the love and warmth from generations past infusing throughout your body.