• April’s Full Pink Moon
    On Tuesday April 23, April’s Full Pink Moon will reach its peak. Tap into the power of the moon to bloom what is rising within you.
  • Nature’s Gift to Us
    Nature prepares each living thing for its species survival. A single onion can nourish, form new plants, and double or triple its reward. Learn to grow your own onions!
  • Liver Qi In Motion
    Be flexible, look for opportunities, and shake the rust off so you can spread your branches freely in every possible direction.
  • Growth, Harmony and Fearlessness: Spring Consciousness
    Nature is our greatest teacher. The Spring season alone holds so many lessons, if we are willing to see beyond the visible.
  • Eggs: a Symbol of Perfect Balance
    Eggs represent the promise of future life and represent yin/yang balance. Learn why and try this new recipe!
  • The Healing Power of Honey
    Suffering from seasonal allergies? Learn how and why honey can help repair your relationship with Nature.
  • Effects of the Solar Eclipse
    What effect does the eclipse have on plants, animals, and people? And how do human and Universal energies collide?
  • TCM Tips for the Total Solar Eclipse
    A total solar eclipse will move over the United States on Monday, April 8. Be sure to connect to this awe-inspiring Qi field.
  • Walking a Path of Purpose
    The energy you set out into the world—in how you relate to and respond to others, as well as the connections you form—works to build the very story of your life.