SPROUT SOUPSoy sprouts are often considered to have a cooling nature and support the health of the kidneys and bladder, helping to promote hydration.They also support digestion and may help alleviate symptoms associated with excess heat in the body, such as inflammation or skin conditions. Sesame oil has warming properties and helps with joint pain or stiffness.
FLOUNDER SOUPFlounder's delicate flavor lends itself well to blending with other flavors without overpowering them. In TCM flounder supports Kidney function. Incorporating flounder into the diet is a way to promote well-being.
BARLEY CEREALChinese barley has been studied for its anti cancer properties. Combine barley with Chinese yams and the overall impact will support digestive health, boost energy, and reduce inflammation. It is also used to treat a variety menopausal symptoms.
EGGPLANT SOUPEggplant is a super food that supports healthy Liver function. It has the remarkable ability to balance and cleanse internal Qi while improving Liver function
SPROUT SOUP WITH SEAWEEDSprouts are believed to have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body, helping to eliminate excess heat and dampness. Seaweed is believed to have a cooling effect on the body, making it beneficial for individuals with excess heat or inflammation.
SOY BEAN SPROUT SOUPSprouts are a symbol of life and therefore carry the essence of new life. This meal is great any time of year and is simple to make.  This recipe calls for soy bean sprouts but can be adjusted for other types of sprouts.
CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUPWith groceries so expensive, we try to develop meals from every day ingredients. Keep cooking simple and delicious! That's the key to reducing the frequency of take-out foods that don't necessarily offer healing benefits.
ACORN NOODLE SOUPAcorn squash is considered beneficial in Chinese medicine for nourishing the Spleen, supporting digestion, and promoting overall Qi (energy) circulation.
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