Less Than 10 Minute Recipes

FOUR VEGGIE STIR FRYIn TCM, onions are known to help clear phlegm while celery is helpful in reducing blood pressure. and cucumbers help release toxins. Scallions top off this meal with their ability to expel colds and toxins. This simple dish offers numerous healing opportunities.
REFRIGERATOR SOUPSearch your refrig and find veggies and meats to add to your leftover soup. If you have leftover meats or fish add them too. The combination will yield an unexpected mix of flavors.
SOOTHING OATMEAL WITH CRANBERRIES AND NUTSOatmeal is a great way to start your day. Eating warm foods is beneficial for your Stomach. The addition of nuts, such as walnuts, provides a healing essence to support your body.
HOMEMADE ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTERPeanut butter is an all-time kid favorite and is very versatile. Try making your own! Use organic peanuts, and be sure to buy roasted (or roast them yourself)! Roasted peanuts release oils when ground, making them perfect for smooth and creamy peanut butter.
ALMOND SMOOTHIESmoothies are a great way to cool the body during the heat of summer. Remember: do not add ice, and enjoy your smoothie in the afternoon or evening.
AVOCADO AND MANGO SALADThis dish is colorful, quick to put together, and complements a variety of dishes. It pairs exceptionally well with fish. Both the green avocado and the acidic lemon help support the Liver function, while the sweetness of the mango and the color of both the mango and peppers benefit your Spleen and Stomach functions.
SEAWEED SALADSeaweed is a traditional staple in Asian cuisine, touted to have numerous health benefits, including anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. The essence of seaweed strongly benefits Kidney energy, as its natural habit – the ocean/water – is the element associated with Kidney.
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