Fish, Fowl, Eggs, and Soy

SWEET CHICKEN STRIPSChicken has a warm essence and is helpful in individuals who have cold limbs. It is also known to tonify Qi and blood and is a good source of immune support.
SALMON STRIPSThis oily fish is an excellent food choice to nurture the skin, support the Kidneys and aid in Heart health. Make extra to toss over greens for a second meal.
SCALLOPS AND ESCAROLEScallops make a quick easy meal and are great for Kidney Qi. Adding the arugula gives the Heart and liver additional support.
SCALLOP NOODLE BOWLThis dish is so delicious and looks attractive. The visual sets the tone for a happy meal. The scallops will support Kidney Qi while the mung bean noodles helps to detox the body and moves water.
OMELETTE WITH ESCAROLEDelicious, fast and versatile, this recipe can be amended to include any vegetable left over in your refrigerator. Eggs are a great source of protein, and represent new life. The greens will support healthy Liver function. When Liver has energy to flow, all the organs benefit.
MUNG BEAN NOODLE SOUPWe love mung beans of all kinds for their ability to detox the body, help remove internal heat, promotes urination and help move stuck energy.
SHITAKE TOFU SAUTEShiitake cultivation dates back to 1209, during the Song Dynasty in China. Shitake mushrooms help to balance Qi. When combined with tofu, the body is offered a meal that tonifies Qi and removes toxins.
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