See the Good—Be the Good

“Everything is happening for a reason. Everything is happening for good.”

These words are part of Grand Master Lu’s life rules. Although easy to say, they aren’t always easy to believe. That’s where faith comes in. Even when something doesn’t go as planned or you struggle for a time, there is good underneath all of it. And that good is leading us in an entirely new direction. The challenge is training ourselves to see it and allowing our hearts to feel it.

If, at times, it becomes impossible to see the good in a situation, take that role on yourself. Be the good you wish to see in this world.

In this season of Heart harmony, lift others and lead with love.

Find the good.

Feel the good.

Share the good.

Be the good.

Start by doing something small—say a kind word or offer a small gesture. Then see how your kindness grows and grows with each person it touches.

When you put good out into the world, guess what happens? Good comes back in return.

See the good. Be the good.

Keep Exploring—and Searching for the Good!

Read Grand Master Lu’s Life Rules.

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