Finding Clarity

What helps you to see clearly?

For some, a health scare might be the motivator to live a more balanced life. For example, a heart attack could provide clarity and the impetus to clean up various lifestyle choices. For others, societal ills might help one to realize that life is indeed short, and should be lived to its fullest. After all, the purpose of life is to find that which fuels joy, is it not?

So why wait for something to shake you awake? Instead, open your eyes to the regular, everyday moments. And instead of simply watching them—join in! Play with the kids in the pool. Throw the ball for the dog. Ride the ocean waves. Collect handfuls of interesting sea shells. Breathe in and smell the sweetness of the summer breeze. Remind yourself what it feels like to live freely.

Sometimes the little things in life give you the best perspective.